October 2, 2023

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New COVID-19 Directive takes effect on Wednesday

August 30th, 2022

New Emergency Management (Covid-19) (Protocols) will take effect this Wednesday.

Notably absent is the social distancing requirement of three feet, which was in the August 13th Directive.

That one read that business places should comply with the physical distancing protocols; restrict the number of persons within and outside the business and ensure that a physical distance of at least three feet is maintained between persons.

It also said they should ensure individuals do not assemble other than for the transacting business.

However, the new Directive released on Monday, with enforceable from the 31st, says any member of the Police Service or the Unit may entering any business or organization during working hours to ensure that the business, establishment or organization is in compliance with this Directive and for that purpose, may ask questions of the owner, operator, employees or patrons of the business, establishment or organization.

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