October 2, 2023

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New initiative to get unhealthy foods out of schools

June 3, 2023

More support for the National School Nutrition Policy in the face of what’s now being described as a health crisis facing the nation’s children.

It comes in the form of the ‘Out of Schools’ campaign, an initiative aimed at removing unhealthy snacks, beverages and foods from the island’s schools.

A number of of agencies have joined forces under the banner of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, including the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and the Barbados NCD Commission.

Chairperson, Dr. Kia Lewis says her Childhood Obesity Coalition strongly supports this all-inclusive approach to the crisis.

Meanwhile Policy Champion, Professor Anne St. John has rubbished the notion that healthy foods are more expensive than unhealthy foods across the board.

She explains getting the message across to the children via the ‘Out of Schools’ campaign is the best plan of action to promote long term obesity prevention.

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