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Over 1,000 people ‘safe’ in home isolation

October 14, 2021

Consultant Manager of Home Quarantine and member of the isolation and Home Quarantine Committee, Dr Adanna Grandison, has disclosed there are over 1,000 persons at this point considered ‘safe’ in communities across Barbados.

Dr. Grandison disclosed:

“We … have in community 1,084 persons who are safe, and an additional 534 who are safe and are being actively reassessed just to ensure that they continue to remain safe. We also have 559 persons who have been transported since the start of this programme on September 30 and 155 persons at the point in time of contact that are already in isolation.”

She said there were a few others they were unable to gain contact with, but they should listen out for a phone call.

Dr. Grandison urged persons to answer their phones even if they were uncertain who was calling, as it may be a health care worker trying to reach them or checking on their status, during a press conference on Wednesday.

She had earlier pointed to the dashboard where she noted figures showed approximately 2,532 persons in the community and said: “At this point in time, we have 35 persons who are actively waiting to be transported urgently.”

Adding that this number continues to fluctuate as they move persons in and out of community, she said there were 247 persons who would need to be transported within a 24-hour period because they needed a physical assessment, where a doctor could undertake more in depth history taking, provide an examination and get that “one-to-one” great detail” from the patient.

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