October 1, 2023

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Pumping station offline

February 18, 2023

The BWA is advising the public that today, one of its facilities in St. Michael is offline due to low reservoir levels.

As a result, residents in parts of St. Michael, St. James and St. Thomas may experience low water pressure or outages.

The affected areas may include:

  • In St. Michael:

Lodge Hill, Hinds Hill, Clermont, Warrens Heights, Warrens Terrace, Warrens Park, Warrens, Rock Dundo, University Drive, Airlie Tenantry, Grazettes, Clermont, Well Gap and surrounding areas.

  • In St. James:

Husbands, Clearview Heights, Meadow Vale Heights, Crystal Heights, Hoytes Village, Hoytes Terrace, Prior Park, Holders Hill, Durant Village, John Plains, West Terrace Gardens, West Terrace Heights, Husbands Gardens, Husbands Heights, Oxnards, Prior Park, Wanstead Heights, Wanstead Gardens, Thorpes, Haynesville, Bamboo Ridge, Seaview, Walcott’s Road- Sandy Lane, Bennetts Road and surrounding districts.

  • In St. Thomas:

Plumtree, Blowers, Bagatelle Gardens, Bagatelle Terrace, Welches, Welches Terrace, Welches Gardens, Redmans Village, Melrose, Welches Grove, Bagatelle Park, Arthur Seat, Welches Heights, Kew Land, Padmore Village, Clover Crescent and surrounding areas.

The BWA says tankers have been dispatched to assist affected residents as a temporary measure.

Meanwhile, repair work continues today on an 8-inch main in Warleigh, St. Peter. Yesterday, crews encountered a delay which meant that the emergency repair work would need to be completed today, barring no further complications.

Residents of the St. Peter, St. James, St. Andrew and St. Lucy districts who continue to be impacted by low pressure or outages are assured that tanker crews will continue to assist them as a temporary measure until repair of the damaged main is complete.

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