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Jamaica: Ban on incandescent bulbs from April 1

March 17, 2023

CMC – Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Daryl Vaz has indicated that everything is in place to phase out the importation, export, manufacture, distribution, and sale or purchase of incandescent light bulbs from April 1 this year.

Following full implementation, LED bulbs will replace the less efficient incandescent bulbs for most households and businesses, which Vaz said could save Jamaicans JM$1.44 billion (One Jamaica dollar = US$0.006) cumulatively on utility bills in the first year.

“This switch will greatly benefit Jamaica in more ways than one. Jamaicans who switch from incandescent bulbs to LED can save up to 80 per cent of their lighting-related electricity costs, which can translate to light bill savings,” he said.

“LED light bulbs have a longer lamp life, meaning Jamaicans will have fewer light bulb replacements. You can also save money if incandescent bulbs used in appliances can be changed to LED. We also expect to see reduced levels of electricity theft in areas where consumers are not JPS [Jamaica Public Service] registered account holders.”

Businesses will be given until April 1, 2024 to deplete their existing inventory of incandescent light bulbs before complying with the new regulations.

The regulations contemplate fines or imprisonment for contravening the phase-out of standard incandescent light bulbs after that date, which are to be finalized following review by the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce.

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