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We are the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, a statutory Corporation, which was created by an Act of Parliament in 1963. The Corporation is mandated to provide public service broadcasting to the community.

CBC began broadcasting on 900AM, then known as Radio Barbados, from studios in Black Rock, St. Michael. In 1966, these studios and other operations were integrated with television facilities at the Pine. It now operates three radio stations: 98.1 The One, 94.7fm and Q100.7fm.

In 1964, CBC television was introduced. The station operated from transmitter facilities at Sturges, St. Thomas. Studios and business offices were located at the Pine, St. Michael. These facilities were later expanded in 1987/88 to add a second studio for Night News. The TV station commenced operations on channel 13 in 1964, then switched to channel 9 in 1987 and later to channel 8 in 1991.

The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation also operates a pay television service, introduced in 1987 as STV. It was rebranded and expanded in 1997 to MCTV (Multi-Choice Television). In March 2004, the Corporation upgraded the Multi-Choice service to a digital service, which is expected to provide a wider variety of entertainment avenues for its customers.

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