ICAB concerned about accountability

ICAB concerned about accountability
09 Nov

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados has weighed in on concerns raised in the Auditor General's report with respect to the submission of accounts long after the due period.

President, Andrew Brathwaite says this can create an environment where strange things maybe contrived.

Mr Brathwaite was among the speakers at a public accountability seminar, at the Savannah Hotel.

The ICAB boss again pushed for the proclamation of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Mr Brathwaite says modern legislation is needed to deal comprehensively with corruption.

And a local auditor has lamented the significant opportunity costs that have accrued, as a result of not adhering to Auditor Generals' reports over a number of years.

Krystle Howell made the comments as she participated in a public accountability seminar at the Savannah Hotel.

In responding to a question during the event, she also identified some of the immediate areas that need to be addressed to start tackling the fiscal challenges currently being faced.

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