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Ozone on life support

Ozone on life support
04 Sep

Despite a major setback with one of its creditors over the past week, telecommunications company Ozone Wireless is not dead, but it is on life support.

The admission came from partner with the company Dr. Nick Kelly.

He was responding to a post on his facebook page over the weekend indicating that the company had died.

In an interview with the Business Report, he has made it clear that while the company continues to face challenges it is still in business.

The biggest challenge facing the year old company is the five million dollars owed to about thirty creditors. One and a half million dollars of that is owed to Liberty Global, the parent company of Cable and Wireless.

Dr. Kelly says things reached a head with Cable and Wireless last week, which resulted in about a third of Ozone's customers being cut-off the network.

Dr. Kelly says he should be able to make a definitive statement on the future of Ozone by the end of the month as they are anticipating some investments.

He is, therefore, asking the company's two thousand customers to hold on.