Small, Shawn O'brien

Small, Shawn O'brien
09 Aug

Shawn O'brien Small, age 43, of Tichbourne Cross Road, St. Michael and Kingsland Crescent, Christ Church, former Property Manager of CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Beloved Son of George and Patricia Small, Loving Brother of Alexis Browne nee Small and Duane Browne - both of Canada, Grandson of the late Myrtilla and Courtney Wilkie, Eltora and Sheridan Small, Great-grandson of the late Leotta Wilkie, Nephew of Acieta and Andrew Small of the U.S.A., Shirley and Chris Dash of the U.K., Ellerton "Rudy" and Marcia Small of Canada, Wendy Williams and Carlton Small, Uncle of Darren Browne of Canada, Cousin of Dr. Alyssa Small, Dr. Andre Small of the U.S.A., Jason Williams, Nigel, Katana and Carmello Small and Jason of Canada, Andrea, Cherin and Katie Dash and Ian and Ryan Small all of the U.K., Dr. Justin Williams, Erleen Waithe and Roberta Alleyne, Relative of the Skeete, Griffith, Cumberbatch, Howell, Hurdle, Napolean and Sobers families, Godson of Albert Phillips and Merle Bartlette, Godfather of two, Friend of Nicola, Jennifer, Michelle, Cheryl, Maggie, The Roamers Cyclers, CIBC First Caribbean family and many others.

A Thanksgiving Service for the Life of Shawn O'brien Small, takes place on Thursday 26th July, 2018 at 2:00 p.m., at the St. Matthias Anglican Church, St. Matthias, Christ Church, followed by the interment in the Tranquility Lawns, Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, "The Ridge", Christ Church.

The Organist and members of the choir are asked to attend.

Flowers may be sent to E. Pamela Small Funeral Home, "The Lawns", Vauxhall, Christ Church, on Thursday 26th July, 2018 no later than 12:00 noon, or may be delivered to the St. Matthias Anglican Church, before the start of the service.

Visitation takes place in the chapel of E. Pamela Small Funeral Home, "The Lawns", Vauxhall, Christ Church, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday 25th July, 2018.

Funeral Arrangements Entrusted To: E. Pamela Small Funeral Services

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    Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land; When you can go no more hold me by the hand, Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay. Remember me when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you planned: Only remember me; you understand It will be late to counsel then or pray. Yet if you should forget me for a while And afterwards remember, do not grieve: For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestige of the thoughts that once I had, Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad.