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An entrepreneur in every household

An entrepreneur in every household
02 Nov

Government is on a mission to ensure there's an entrepreneur in every Barbadian household.

That's according to Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde.

He says initiatives such as the Trust Loan Fund, are part of government's efforts to encourage young people to pursue their dreams.

Minister Forde made the comments during the launch of Barbados' Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018.

From November 12th to 19th Barbados will join over 170 countries, as they celebrate entrepreneurs, innovators and job creators.

Among the events planned are a youth symposium, a health and wellness expo and a speed mentoring session.

Director of Strategic Business Services at the Cave Hill School of Business, Marjorie Wharton has dismissed a suggestion that Barbadians are not entrepreneurial.

She says the majority of businesses in Barbados are indigenous, and while there was a time when the majority of businesses were started by people over the age of 35, a lot more young people are now seeing entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Ms. Wharton however says what Barbadians lack is innovation.

That's why most local businesses tend to be more retail-oriented.

Director Wharton pointed out that harsh economic conditions have not stopped some Barbadians from pursuing their academic goals.

She says there's been increasing demand for courses which provide training that can be easily transferred to the workplace.