Saturday, May 25, 2019
15 Nov

It will have to be a quick turn around on Sunday when the very popular NIFCA Gala is held at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.

That's because the National Independence Service will also be held at the venue and is scheduled to end just over an hour before the start of the gala.

But both the Chief Executive Officer of the National Cultural Foundation, Carol Roberts-Reifer and the Chief Cultural Officer, Andrea Wells are confident it will be done without too many problems.

Mrs Roberts-Reifer says it will be thanks to the outstanding ability of the team at the NCF.

The theme of Sunday's gala is 'Living the Legacy' where NIFCA veterans, like cultural ambassador, The Mighty Gabby will be performing alongside new entrants.

According to Mrs Wells, it's also a special celebration for NIFCA's 45th anniversary and they are hoping to see the same type of response on Sunday that they have had to the other finals.