Saturday, May 25, 2019

BCA matches

BCA matches
19 Nov

ICBL Empire's Kevin Stoute's five for 15 ripped the heart out Gladiola on the opening day of the seventh series of matches in the BCA elite division, restricting them to just 103 at Bank Hall.

At the close, the Blues were 123 for three.

At Trents, Spartan's Maradon Bend slammed an even hundred for his team who closed on 222 for nine against Home Improvement Hardware Supplies Maple. Kirk Broom bagged five for 41.

At Paragon, Crane Resort St Catherine 138, the BDF 37 for two.

Over at the 3W's oval, Counterpoint Wanderers reached 201 against Sagicor Life UWI and the Barbados Youth got 184 against Wildey, who closed the day at home, on four for two.