Saturday, May 25, 2019

Barbados needs to ratify WIPO treaties

Barbados needs to ratify WIPO treaties
21 Nov

Barbados is the only country in the region that has not ratified the internet treaties that would allow COSCAP to safeguard the rights of artistes online.

This from chief executive officer of COSCAP, Erica Smith.

She says Trinidad, Jamaica and most of the eastern Caribbean countries have enacted the treaties put in place by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Ms Smith says while legislation in Barbados generally conforms to international standards, the island has lagged behind in this area.

And Juan Luis Marturet, who represents international record labels in the region agrees.

Mr Marturet is in Barbados to conduct a week of training on digital licencing and other issues in copyright, as well as the management of rights in the Caribbean.

Over 20 people are taking part in the training.

Mr Marturet explains what is needed to ensure that Barbados complies with the WIPO regulations.