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Cuts in the New Year

Cuts in the New Year
27 Nov

The Barbados Workers' Union says the negotiation process for the remaining workers to be retrenched from state owned enterprises could run into early next year.

General Secretary, Senator Toni Moore says while they have been able to make progress with the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, the Rural Development Commission and the Barbados Water Authority, remaining negotiations with other SOE's will not be completed before Christmas.

Citing some examples, she says discussions must still take place with entities like the Caves of Barbados and the National Sports Council.

Senator Moore used the ongoing negotiations with the Transport Board as an example of what is required for each process.

She explains that it cannot simply be a case of cutting numbers, but having a picture of what the organisation will look like going forward, with input from the workers through the Union.

Senator Moore says they are still in the very early stages for both the National Sports Council and Caves of Barbados.

According to Ms. Moore about ten per cent of the Barbados Water Authority's nearly 750 workers have been identified for retrenchment.

But that number could potentially be revised slightly downward, as some workers have indicated an interest in voluntary separation.

Senator Moore described the negotiations process as lengthy, as the Union first had to deal with outstanding issues related to pensions, retroactive pay, and salary increases among others.

The BWU General Secretary said when attention shifted to retrenchments last Friday, talks almost broke down, but they were saved following an extended break.

Ms. Moore says the Union would have done its best to ensure that workers were dealt with fairly, and according to the agreed process for retrenchment.

She also revealed the Authority's timeline, adding that the intended cuts go across the board, from the level of management to general worker.

Ms. Moore says the BWU will be formally meeting with BWA workers on Wednesday at 8 in the morning at Solidarity House, to fully discuss the situation and bring workers fully up to date.