Saturday, May 25, 2019

BAMC should put better offer

BAMC should put better offer
06 Dec

The Barbados Workers' Union is urging the Barbados Agricultural Management Corporation to put a better offer on the table for the retrenchment of sugar workers.

Under the BAMC's retrenchment proposal, severance for these workers will be paid through the National Insurance Scheme.

However, BWU Deputy General Secretary and Director of Organising, Dwaine Paul, says the sugar workers have already been dealing with various issues including low pay, and have very little to survive on.

He says the BAMC has not been clear as to how these workers will be processed by NIS and how soon they will receive their severance.

Mr. Paul was speaking following a recent meeting with management of the BAMC for preliminary discussions on the company's proposal for restructuring.

He says more needs to be done for these workers.