Sunday, Jun 16, 2019

ICC places Sri Lanka on 2 week amnesty

ICC places Sri Lanka on 2 week amnesty
10 Jan

The International Cricket Council has announced that Sri Lankan cricketers have been granted a 15-day amnesty to report previously undisclosed information relating to corruption in the sport.

The amnesty will apply to all participants under both the ICC and Sri Lankan cricket anti-corruption codes who have previously failed to report information relating to wrongdoing.

Players can be suspended for failing to pass on information about corruption but anything reported between January 16th and 31st will not attract a charge, the ICC said in a statement.

Failure to do so, however, could result in a ban from cricket for up to five years.

The move comes in the wake of a series of corruption cases involving former Sri Lanka internationals and administrators.

Following a meeting in Dubai last month, Sri Lanka's sports minister Harin Fernando said the ICC had ranked the country's cricket administration "corrupt from top to bottom".

Former captain and selector Sanath Jayasuriya was charged in October by the ICC for refusing to cooperate with its anti-corruption unit. He denied any wrongdoing.