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Island losing money due to change in Canadian laws

Island losing money due to change in Canadian laws
20 Mar

Finance Minister Chris Sinckler has been commenting on the island's economic situation, explaining that since the 2011/2012 financial year, Barbados has been losing $258 million annually in revenue as a result of changes to Canadian laws.

He says this amounted to about $1.5 billion dollars over time, which was compounded by a decline in tourism earnings.

Mr. Sinckler was speaking at the opening of the DLP's St Peter branch office in Mile and a Quarter over the weekend.

Mr. Sinckler has criticized the opposition Barbados Labour Party for what he has described as the "Mash Up and Buy Back Mentality" the party appear to have toward the country.

In fact, he agrees with a comment made by Dominica's Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit who says some opposition parties do not seem to understand the realities of the countries which they seek to lead.

Social Care Minister Steve Blackett says the ruling Democratic Labour Party has sought to bring some order to society with the introduction of several pieces of legislation in recent months.

His comments come in the face of criticism that the government rushed to pass legislation just before the upcoming election.

But Mr. Blackett says bringing the legislation was no guessing game.

He was speaking during the official opening of the DLP's St George North constituency branch office over the weekend.

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