Sunday, Mar 24, 2019

5000 Land Tax bills returned

5000 Land Tax bills returned
21 Mar

The Barbados Revenue Authority has recorded 5,125 undelivered Land Tax bills and other mail from the Post Office, which were mailed since September 2017.

Manager of Communications and PR with the BRA, Carolyn Williams-Gayle, said the returned bills were due to incorrect addresses for the land and property owners.

She explained that in over 1,000 cases, the addressees were labeled as deceased, and, in addition, there were 513 bills returned from overseas addresses which were uncollected.

Mrs. Williams-Gayle urged land and property owners who did not receive their bills last year to contact the authority.

She said taxpayers who have not received their Land Tax bills should contact the customer service department to ensure that their information is current.

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