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Waste haulers offer to move garbage for free

Waste haulers offer to move garbage for free
06 Sep

A segment of the local business community has made an offer to assist with any garbage collection problems around the island.

Some local private waste haulers say they are prepared to offer their services for free to help address any garbage collection deficiencies now being experienced.

The five waste haulers making the gesture include Jose and Jose, Project Recycle, Williams Tools, Garbage Master and Forde Trucking and Bob Cat Services.

Chairman of the Waste Haulers Association, Anderson 'Fat Child' Cherry says they will provide fifteen waste collection trucks, which include compactor trucks and skips.

Mr. Cherry said all they would ask in return is that diesel be provided for the trucks, that loaders be provided and that they are given the routes where collection is needed.

He said the haulers are aware that the government is trying its best to get the issue addressed, but they are also conscious that they are challenged at this time.

By undertaking this project, the haulers believe it will be to the benefit of all Barbadians.

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