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Laws online

Laws online
09 Oct

Moves are being made to put a law revision commissioner in place.

Attorney General Dale Marshall says that person's appointment is part of a larger plan to have a full law review commission.

This will help to keep track of and make revisions and recommendations, so legislators can remain current on trends in law.

He was leading off debate on the second reading of the Law Revision and Law Reform Act in the House of Assembly.

Mr Marshall has also put a case for the laws to be made available electronically.

In response opposition leader Bishop Joseph Atherley cautioned government to keep the country's interests at heart when undertaking law revision and reform.

He says with Barbados' current economic state, external entities may try to influence policy in Barbados, under the threat of taking their business elsewhere.

Bishop Atherley believes any changes to Barbados' laws should ultimately benefit its citizens.

Bishop Joseph Atherley also called for stronger and more meaningful legislation to regulate the use of social media.

Labour Minister Colin Jordan says many of the industrial relations issues which lead to strike action and go-slows, come about as a result of a lack of knowledge of the laws by supervisors and management.

And he says this usually happens because there is little access to critical pieces of legislation.

Mr. Jordan says having the law in a place where it can be easily retrieved from someone's cellphone or computer is a step in the right direction.

One of the island's Queen’s Counsels says law reform is critical to a modern Barbados

Member of Parliament for Christ Church South Ralph Thorne says he is happy that government is moving to update the country's legislation.

He has however called for the courts to stop relying so heavily on the judgements passed in international jurisdictions to influence their decisions.