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Jamaica deploy 100 math coaches to schools islandwide

Jamaica deploy 100 math coaches to schools islandwide
20 Aug

Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, says 100 mathematics coaches will soon be deployed to assist in strengthening primary and secondary students’ performance in mathematics in approximately 1,000 schools islandwide.

Reid said the coaches’ will primarily focus on helping mathematics teachers obtain the requisite skills to effectively deliver the subject to students.

This exercise, the Minister added, will be facilitated under the National Mathematics Programme (NMP).

He was speaking at the recent media launch for the Professional Development Programme for Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Educators .

He noted that the Ministry has invested significant resources in initiatives, such as the NMP, in order to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics in Jamaica.

Under the NMP, a comprehensive strategy has been implemented to: develop and implement a mathematics policy; improve teacher and teaching quality; improve the culture surrounding the teaching and learning of mathematics; and facilitate coaching for teachers.

The NMP will continue supporting teacher training institutions to ensure that ineffective practices are stemmed from the pre-service level.

He said the Professional Development Programme which will be financed through the Government of Japan-funded Inter-American Development Bank Technical Cooperation Grant Programme, will also assist with the work of the 100 mathematics coaches.

“The Technical Cooperation Grant (assistance) is an important boost to the National Mathematics Programme as it provides additional resources to improve training in the effective use mathematical practices and coaching teachers to use these practices,” Reid said.