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Cruise talks

Cruise talks
17 Oct

Efforts are being made to ensure young people can secure future jobs in the cruise industry.

Delivering a speech on behalf of tourism minister, Kerrie Symmonds, acting chief executive officer of the Barbados Tourism Product Authority Marsha Alleyne, announced talks are underway with a reputable cruise line.

The comments came at a prize giving ceremony for the 2018 Florida Caribbean Cruise Association essay and poster competitions.

Twelve primary and secondary school students collected awards for their contributions.

Among them junior essay winner, Ariya Broomes and senior essay winner, Kya Knight both of whom suggested that cruise tourists should experience local culinary delights as part of the island's' culture.

Meantime in the coming weeks, the public and other stakeholders in the local cruise industry will have the opportunity to make an input on the development of that sector.

That's because the National Cruise Development Commission will be hosting a series of town hall meetings.

The first one is scheduled for Monday October 29th and the commission's chair, Errol Humphrey says the contribution can help Barbados earn more in that sector.

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