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Supporters march demanding removal of “illegitimate” government

Supporters march demanding removal of “illegitimate” government
22 Mar

Supporters of the main opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) took to the streets on Friday protesting the “illegitimate” coalition government of President David Granger.

Armed with placards and chanting that President Granger and members of his government must go, the protestors were led by the PPP’s presidential candidate Irfaan Ali.
In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Opposition Leader Bharrat jagdeo said “this is a dark day for Guyana.

“Our government is now illegal and they have effectively executed a coup d’etat by blatantly violating the Constitution. Our jobs, investments, rights and freedom are now at risk. Ministerial and Presidential decisions and orders are now illegal. Join the protests for our democracy,” he added.

Jagdeo had successfully tabled a motion of no confidence against the coalition government on December 21, last year and under the country’s constitution, fresh regional and general elections should have been held within 90 days of the passage of the motion or during an extended period adopted by a special majority in the National Assembly.

But the National Assembly has not met to debate the extension and Jagdeo has insisted that the government would be illegitimate after March 21 this year. He had earlier called for the elections to be held by March 19 for the latest.

However, the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), which Jagdeo has accused of colluding with the ruling coalition to stall the polls, has since said that it could only hold credible elections by November at the earliest.

President Granger has said he will announce an election date “shortly” according to a letter sent to Jagdeo by the Minister of State, Joseph Harmon this week.


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