Headless weatherman

Headless weatherman
01 Nov

A 'headless' weatherman delivered a special Halloween forecast.

During a forecast on the Met Office's website Tuesday, a presenter appeared unfazed as he casually stood holding his head by his side.

The ghoulish weatherman stood in front of a terrifying version of a UK map - with locations such as Hell, Liverghoul, Newtcastle and Londemon placed on a creepy green map with sinister purple clouds and unsettling blood-red rain.

Other spine-tingling cities include Glasgoooooo, Swanseerie and Belfangs.

But it was good news for trick or treaters as the weatherman revealed England could expect largely clear skies across the UK.

He said: 'If you're heading out for Halloween, then the weather's set fair across England and Wales. Largely clear skies - in Northern Ireland too.

'Notice, though, some thicker purple cloud across western Scotland.

'And if we add on the blood rain here we'll see it could be quite a soggy night across western Scotland in particular.

'There may be the odd shower across northern England but otherwise, it's set fair.

'If you're out trick or treating, it'll be dry and fine, and also quite a bit milder than of late.'

The UK might be enjoying mild weather at the moment but the Met Office is warning soon they can expect the coldest winter since 2012-13.

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