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Ships on lookout for toy boat off Guyana

Ships on lookout for toy boat off Guyana
20 Apr

Offshore vessels in the Atlantic are on the lookout for a toy ship launched by two brothers in Scotland last year - as its batteries are running low.

Ollie Ferguson, eight, and Harry, five, from Turriff, first launched their Playmobil pirate ship called Adventure from Peterhead in May last year.

It initially reached Scandinavia, and is now off Guyana.

Their father said the tracker battery power was currently at about 25% and it needed to be recharged.

The boys launched the pirate ship as part of a bucket list of adventures they put together.

The ship needed some adaptations before it was ready to tackle the North Sea.

A counterweight was added to help it stay upright, and it was filled with polystyrene to help it stay afloat.

After trials in a swimming pool, they took it to the coast and launched it.

'Will be fine'
The ship carries a message asking anyone who finds it to launch Adventure back into the sea.

The boys' father, MacNeill Ferguson, told the BBC Scotland news website: "The tracker pings a location twice a day, but with 27% of battery life left it needs to be recharged.

"The Stena Carron offshore vessel heard about her travels, they were quite close, and said they were excited, the 120 crew have been keeping an eye out.

"They said if any other vessels are in the area they will make contact with them.

"We cannot expect them to do too much for a toy boat.

"It's just a USB port, as long as she is floating and recharged she will be fine."

He added: "She recently took a dramatic turn due to currents and was heading towards the Caribbean."