Sunday, May 26, 2019

Senate debate on the Road Traffic Amendment 2018 Act

Senate debate on the Road Traffic Amendment 2018 Act
20 Sep

The amendments to the Road Traffic Act will ensure greater compliance and better enforcement of Barbados' road traffic regulations.

This statement from Minister of Information,Broadcasting and Public Affairs, Senator Lucille Moe as she spoke during debate in the Senate.

As an example she referred to the Fuel Tax, which replaces the Road Tax.

Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn has described the Fuel Tax as a tax grab.

Speaking in Senate on the Road Traffic Amendment 2018 Act, Senator Franklyn says there were other options available.

He also questioned why government chose to include kerosene under the fuel tax.

Government Senator Dr Chrystal Haynes says the Fuel Tax though tough is not a tax grab.

Reverend St John Maxwell made it clear he has reservations in supporting the increase in the number of passengers PSVs are allowed to carry given the current ZR culture.

He also told the Senate that for some Barbadians would prefer the Road Tax than the Fuel Tax as many have been crying out.

He says the Fuel Tax has resulted in motorists paying more to fill up at the pumps.

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