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Clever pizza box turns into a food tray so you can eat in bed

Clever pizza box turns into a food tray so you can eat in bed
11 Oct

Eating pizza in bed is a luxury often reserved for hungover people and students - but we all enjoy doing it from time to time.

Lying as flat as possible, you slowly tear each hot cheesy slice away, trying to get it into your mouth without making a horrible greasy mess in the place where you sleep.

Boston Pizza has created a clever invention that will help make the experience a whole lot easier.

It's a pizza box that turns into a handy cardboard food tray for you to eat your slices in bed - brilliant.

It's cleverly designed to hold up the pizza, allowing room for your legs to fit through the middle.

The Canadian pizza joint teamed up with an advertising company to design the genius invention that you never knew you needed in your life.

"It's a simple idea, but a lot of thinking went into making sure it would actually work,” said Paul Little, creative director at John St ad agency, in a press release.

"There were a lot of factors to consider. It had to be high enough to fit over a person’s legs and low enough to comfortably eat out of.

"We had to compensate for the average depth someone sinks into a bed versus the average leg width, average pizza weight, the list goes on and on.

"It sounds ridiculous, but knowing some lucky people are going to be able to comfortably eat pizza in bed makes it all worth it."

The box comes with instructions to assemble, so it shouldn't be too tricky to put together.

Sadly, the smart invention isn't available in the Barbados at present so if you're dead set on eating your pizza in bed then you better invest in a regular food tray.