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Floating zebra crossing

Floating zebra crossing
26 Nov

A surprising optical illusion has popped up in the middle of a busy street, encouraging drivers to slow down.

A 3D pedestrian crossing painted on Best Street in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, gives the illusion of floating bars in the hope of catching motorists by surprise and forcing them to pay attention to their surroundings.

The zebra crossing was installed by the City of Yarra Council, and aims to improve pedestrian safety in the area.

'We identified an opportunity to improve pedestrian safety and worked with local supermarket Piedmonte's to develop the concept,' a City of Yarra Council spokesperson said in a statement.

The crossing is reportedly the first three-dimensional walkway of its kind in Victoria.

From an angle, the crossing resembles solid blocks rising out of the bitumen, paving the way for pedestrians to use it as a bridge.

Similar crossings have been painted in the far north Queensland town of Cairns and in western Queensland's Boulia Shire.

The idea has also been used around the world in Iceland, New Zealand and China.

Some road users expressed their scepticism at the idea on social media, with one person suggesting it 'looked amazing, but is likely quite dangerous'.

'I can imagine this being the sort of thing where car drivers marvel at the image without checking the surroundings,' they said.

'It doesn't look quite as effective now it's been there a few days and got some dirt on the artwork which diminishes the 3D illusion,' another person wrote.