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Wellness Conference

Wellness Conference
10 Oct

A wellness revolution is needed in Barbados to combat the scourge of NCDs and the health minister intends to lead the change.

His steps include proposing a Cabinet sub committee on NCDs and intensive public education promotions.

The health minister was speaking at the Pharma Wellness Conference Wednesday morning at Solidarity House.

General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union, Senator Toni Moore also attended the event.

She says the workers need to be educated about wellness.

The Health Minister is also clearing the air about the crackdown on childhood obesity.

He says it's not his intention to make vendors unemployed, but simply to encourage them to sell healthier items for students.

Three years after its start, the Pharma Wellness Programme continues to have positive impacts for its participants.

Presenting data findings for five hundred members for 2016/2017, endocrinologist Dr Carlisle Goddard, said the programme helped to reduce cases of diabetes, blood pressure and obesity in workplaces.

CEO of Pharma Wellness International, Lennox Prescod says there're plans to expand the programme beyond Barbados.