Body of woman found in burnt house

Body of woman found in burnt house
24 Nov

In Trinidad the body of an unidentified woman was discovered Friday in a burnt out house that two days earlier had been raided by police and a quantity of guns and ammunition found.

Police in south Trinidad say they believe that the woman was shot and killed and the house set on fire as residents had earlier reported hearing gunshots in the early hours of Friday in the house at San Fernando.

Crime scene investigators and Fire Prevention Unit officers have visited the house that on Wednesday had been searched by the officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit.’

Police said they had seized over 500 rounds of nine millimetre, 5.56, and .380 calibre, and 12 guage cartridges as well as a firearm silencer, six firearms, several magazines and 12.5 kilogrammes of marijuana.

No one had been arrested following the police exercise.

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