Saturday, Feb 23, 2019

Nurse shortage

Nurse shortage
21 Aug

More registered nurses are needed in Barbados.

Head of their representative body, Joannah Waterman, says the void must be filled.

According to Ms. Waterman who is president of the Barbados Nurses Association, eighty-six registered nurses were needed since 2012 and that number has since increased.

First Vice President Heather Deane believes the practice of nurses taking up specialty positions has also contributed to the shortage.

The BNA President says the Barbados Nurses Association will be hosting a forum next month to address some of the concerns of its membership.

It comes on the heels of violent cases involving patients attacking nurses and nurses attacking patients.

President Waterman says this is just one move in light of the recent negative incidents.

The First Vice President says it's possible the nurse involved could face disciplinary action before the Barbados Nursing Council.

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