Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019

Antibiotics warning

Antibiotics warning
23 Aug

A prominent doctor at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is again warning against the misuse of antibiotics.

Head of infection control, Dr. Corey Forde says this is critical to the fight against antimicrobial diseases and is consistent with the hospital's antimicrobial stewardship program.

Revealing that related illnesses are predicted to account for at least ten million deaths worldwide by 2050, he says society in general must be properly informed.

Dr Forde was speaking at a recent donation to the QEH by the Pan-American Health Organization.

He went on to explain the dangers of misusing antibiotics, giving an example of the issues that arise when a patient simply fails to complete a prescription of antibiotics.

To help in the fight against infectious diseases the hospital has recieved a gift from an NGO.

The hospital's Infection Control Unit recently received six Samsung Galaxy tablets compliments the Pan American Health Organization.

Minister of Health, Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic, acknowledged the hospital's vulnerability to the threat of bacteria related issues.

He says the donation enhances the hospital's operation in a very critical area.

Meanwhile, PAHO representative to Barbados, Godfrey Xureb identified the need for good data collection in the fight against microbial diseases.

He says it's very important for local private medical facilities to commit themselves to the cause.

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