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Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille. (CMC Photo)

Haitian PM released from hospital

June 10, 2024

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC – Haitian Prime Minister, Garry Conille, was released from hospital late Sunday after suffering an apparent asthma attack on Saturday.

Conille, 58, who was sworn into office earlier last week, was rushed to a hospital in Pétion-ville after his oxygen saturation and blood pressure had dropped significantly.

President of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT), Edgard Leblanc Fils, who had visited the prime minister said that the doctors had indicated that Conille was “stable’.

In a near five minute video message recording, Prime Minister Conille said that he is “well and is in health today thanks to God.

“I publish this recording to assure you that I am well,” he said, telling the nation that he had suffered “a little discomfort which could have been serious, but thank God my security team had rushed to take me to the hospital where there was a team of among the most qualified doctors who took care of me.

“The whole time I was at the hospital, I was thinking of something: People that need to go to the general hospital can’t get there (due to widespread violence). People who need health care can’t afford it.”.

Conille said he is hoping by early this week “we can have a government in place,” adding “I am doing everything we can so we can get out of this crisis”.

Conille faces a monumental task, with Haiti under siege by gangs that control at least 80 per cent of the capital as the country awaits the UN-backed deployment of a police force from Kenya.

Last month, on an official visit to the United States, Kenyan President, William Ruto, defended the decision for his country to lead the UN-backed multinational security support (MSS) saying “this  is a crisis”.

The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Chad, Jamaica and Kenya have officially notified the Secretary-General of their intent to contribute personnel to the support mission.

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