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Mugshot of Paul Girard by the Virgin Islands Police Department

USVI: Gang leader sentenced to life in prison

June 7, 2024

CHARLOTTE, United States Virgin Islands, CMC – The leader and two members of a violent criminal gang in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) have been sentenced to life in prison for their roles in a racketeer-influenced and corrupt organisation (RICO).

According to court documents and evidence produced at trial, Paul Girard, also known as Bogus, 36, of St. Croix, USVI, was the leader of the gang, who ordered shootings against rival gang members, as well as individuals he believed had stolen from or otherwise disrespected the gang.

Girard planned several armed robberies that his crew executed, including those at several jewellery stores located in St. Thomas.

Most of the criminal activity was orchestrated by Girard from prison, where he was serving sentences for multiple prior criminal convictions.

The court heard that Tyler Eugene, also known as Lucc, 26, of St. Croix, committed acts of violence on behalf of the gang and at Girard’s direction, including murdering a rival gang member outside a convenience store.

Kareem Harry, also known as Crumbull, 36, also of St. Croix, participated in the murder of a victim who was believed to have stolen money from the Girard gang and separately set up the shooting death of a rival gang member outside of the victim’s child’s daycare.

Six additional defendants, all of St. Croix except for Wayne Bellille, who is of St. Thomas, USVI, have already pleaded guilty to various racketeering charges and have been sentenced to jail ranging from two years and 10 months to 17 years and six months.

Mugshot of Paul Girard by the Virgin Islands Police Department

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