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US: Quintuplets on scholarships graduating together

May 13, 2024

By Anthony Johnson

    MONTCLAIR, New Jersey (WABC) — More than 3,600 students will graduate from Montclair State University in New Jersey on Monday, but it’s five in particular that have something extra special to celebrate.

Getting the chance to wear a cap and gown for college graduation is exceptional, but when quintuplets do it… that makes it even more special, five times over for one close-knit family.

“Went very fast…went very fast with headaches, up and downs, now we’re here,” father Paul Povolo said.

The parents have pulled off a minor miracle.

“I don’t see it as my accomplishment, but their accomplishment. I’m just sitting in the corner and wait for them to take off,” mother Silvia Povolo said.

Take off they did. The five kids born just minutes apart on the Fourth of July, will be walking together for graduation from Montclair State University.

“We are fortunate enough to all be graduating with diplomas and that kind of thing, and doing it with our very best friends, you know, these are definitely my best friends, so doing it all together is awesome,” son Ludovico Povolo said.

“People ask me to explain how to explain how it is and I just say it’s like a large friend group that you can’t leave,” daughter Ashley Povolo said.

Who would want to leave this large and loving family? The Povolo kids were always close, and years and time never drove them apart. Their parents used a heavy dose of listening and understanding.

“They were always encouraging us to go outside our shell and do stuff,” son Michael Povolo said.

Five graduates with five different degrees, all getting scholarships to go to school close to home and close to each other.

“We look at them. We’re proud of them,” Paul Povolo said.

Victoria was the first born and Marcus was last.

Toni Yates has more on the mother daughter duo.

“It’s defiantly something special. It’s remarkable that we are all able to do this in one ceremony,” Marcus Povolo said.

Even while in college, they spent time eating dinner together for family conversations and helping each other grow. It was a pasta plate filled with encouragement to make it to the finish line together.

“The fact that it happened all at the same time, makes me super proud,” Victoria Povolo said.

For the Povolo family, that togetherness is the key.

“We have each other’s back to this day, to this day,” Victoria Povolo said.

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