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Air cleared on circulated video

April 22, 2024

Minister of Home Affairs and Information Wilfred Abrahams has cleared the air on a widely circulated video calling it irresponsible and erroneous.

The video clip alleges a cover-up at the Dodds Prison about a person caught attempting to bring contraband into the facility.

The video claimed the National Peace Programme was associated with the incident.

The Minister presented the following facts:

The Barbados Prison Service received credible information that a named individual wanted to take contraband into the Dodds Prison.

When he arrived at the prison, he was kept under observation as he went to the main checkpoint and he and his possessions were searched by an officer.

During the search two flash drives were found concealed in a small compartment of his bag.

He was interviewed by the Superintendent of Prisons (a.g.) The Barbados Police Service was informed of the incident.

The individual was handed over to the police and was escorted off the prison compound.

At that time the individual was part of an organised volunteer rehabilitation programme in film techniques, this is because the Prison offers diverse rehabilitation training programmes.

Minister Abrahams says this particular programme is in no way associated with the National Peace Programme.

The individual was released without charge because the unauthorised items did not pose a threat to the security of the Prison.

Being a national security institution, the prison does not often inform the public or media of its security procedures.

The Minister says contrary to what is being alleged by certain misinformed persons in the video clip there was no coverup of the incident.

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