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Motorists reminded that centre lane is shared

June 12, 2024

Motorists approaching the traffic lights from the Bay Street/Cavans Lane end are being reminded the centre lane is shared.

This message from the Ministry of Transport and Works in response to an ongoing debate about how to traverse traffic lights at the junction of Fairchild Street in The City.

It comes after the circulation of a video which shows a driving instructor telling his student to turn left onto the Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge from Cavans Lane, and a police officer pulling him over to say he was wrong.

In a statement, the Ministry says the road markings at the junction indicate how they should operate.

The left lane is for traffic turning onto Bridge Street/Charles Duncan O’Neal Bridge, while the centre lane is a shared-use lane for traffic going straight onto upper Fairchild Street and turning left onto the bridge.

But the traffic lights indicate who has priority to move.

Therefore, those at the top of the centre lane wanting to turn left can do so when the left arrow allows.

However, those in the centre lane going straight are to wait until the arrow turns green on the traffic signal.

And Veteran Driving Instructor Erskine Cumberbatch explains the flow of traffic at the lights.

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