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OK given for Childhood Nutrition Surveillance Study

May 16, 2024

A study is being undertaken to assess the nutritional status of children in Barbados and understand the factors influencing it.

The Childhood Nutrition Surveillance Study is a collaboration between the University of the West Indies Cave Hill and the Shaw Centre for Paediatric Excellence.

It will be conducted across public and private schools and polyclinics, on children aged 6 to 9 years.

Senior Lecturer in Public Health and Epidemiology Dr. Natasha Sobers says important parameters will be assessed.

She was a guest on CBC TV8’s Mornin’ Barbados.

Approval has been granted by the Ministry of Education, as well as ethical clearance from UWI and the Ministry of Health Institutional Review Board for the study.

Parental consent will be sought for all children involved.

Children themselves will also have to show interest in taking part in the study.

Principal Investigator and Head of Department of Clinical Sciences at UWI Dr. Paula Lashley has assured participants of confidentiality.

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