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Rebates now available for farmers to collect

June 11, 2024

Several new rebates promised during this year’s Budget are now available for farmers to collect.

This is according to Acting Chief Agricultural Officer, Michael James.

The Livestock Development Rebate, the Establishment of Pastures, and a 45 per cent rebate on the purchase of hay, are now available.

Mr. James says by the end of this month farmers will be able to make applications online, but until then they can source applications at the Ministry’s Graeme Hall office.

Additionally, he reveals the bounty for the green monkey has also been increased to $25 per tail.

Mr. James says the primate continues to be a pest to farmers, but Barbados is not the only Caribbean island that has that issue.

However, he stresses the move to control the animal has to be balanced based on signed conventions, even with the increase in bounty.

Mr. James adds that the Ministry is also working on controlling the invasion of the new red millipedes, which have been seen across the island.

He says officials have since sent some of them to be identified, and will update the public on their findings.

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