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Treatment facility for troubled youth to be established

May 14, 2024

A secure treatment facility is to be established for troubled children in Barbados.

This was revealed by Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Kirk Humphrey.

He was leading off debate on a resolution on the report of the joint select Committee on Social Sector and the Environment on the Child Protection Bill.

Mr. Humphrey says with the charge of wandering struck from the law books, there needs to be a facility for children who run away from home.

He notes oftentimes they are running away from something.

Mr. Humphrey says the facility will also accommodate children under 12 who run afoul of the law, and who are not contemplated under the current rules.

He notes the bill stipulates a child can be in residential treatment for no more than three years, which was the previous starting point.

The Minister adds despite concerns raised, the bill does not address gender orientation or sexual orientation, nor does it ban corporal punishment.

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