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Work to reduce NCDs in Barbados continues

June 17, 2024

Approximately 384 people in Barbados die annually, from strokes or cerebrovascular accidents.

That is about 13.6% of deaths making Barbados the 119th country in the world with a high number of people dying from those medical issues.

These figures have been disclosed by Senior Officer of Health in the Ministry of Health Responsible for NCDs, Dr. Elizabeth Mandeville.

She’s also revealed the University of the West Indies and the Ministry of Health have embarked on a population-based multi-NCD registry to collect data on strokes, heart attacks, and cancer islandwide.

Further, Dr. Mandeville says NCDs must be mainstreamed within both the primary and tertiary healthcare sectors.

She was speaking at the Barbados Physical Therapy Association’s Stroke Symposium, under the theme a ‘Holistic Approach to Managing Strokes’.

Dr. Mandeville stresses in order to achieve all of this, a multi-sectoral collaboration is needed to address the underlying socio-economic factors driving NCDs.

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