September 22, 2023

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Concern over regional childhood obesity rates

July 5, 2023

The Advisor on NCDs and mental health to the Pan American Health Organisation is worried about the number of obese children between the ages of 5 and 9 in Barbados and the region.

Dr. Gloria Giraldo highlighted the worrying trend during her address at a meeting being held by the Pan American Health Organisation and the Healthy Caribbean Coalition called “Accelerating the Removal of Ultra-processed Products in Caribbean Schools”.

President of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, Sir Trevor Hassell says the group is pushing for the removal of the ultra-processed foods as those items are contributors to the high NCD rates in the region.

He warns failure to take action would have detrimental outcomes for Caribbean countries.

Meanwhile Chief Education Officer, Dr. Ramona Archer-Bradshaw says now is the time to act to create a healthier environment for children.

She says officials in every CARICOM country need to commit to the policy in order for it to be impactful.

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