September 22, 2023

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Legal consequences for people breaching Covid-19 protocols

August 29, 2021

Twenty people who breached the COVID-19 directives have had their court cases adjudicated.

Head of the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit, Ronald Chapman, disclosed this on Saturday, during a COVID-19 Update and Press Conference, held at Ilaro Court.

He shared some statistics highlighting the number of persons who had been to court to face charges for breaching the directives:

“There was one breach of curfew; one quarantine breach; six persons attending an event that they shouldn’t have; in fact, they’re 11 of those, three non-wearing of mask and four places failing to remaining close.”

Mr. Chapman said a total of 14 persons had been found guilty of the offences that they had been charged with, while four were found not guilty. “The others are still before the law courts, and those fines range from $300 to $1,000,” he added.

He also mentioned that a few people were fined $1,000, and two were fined $1,500. He said although the information about the charges was not made public, the unit was doing its work “very quietly in the background”.

Mr. Chapman urged members of the public to call the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit’s Hotline, 536-4500, where they could make reports and have their concerns addressed.

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