October 18, 2021


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October 10, 2021

The flash-flood warning for Barbados has been extended once more.

This alert is issued when rapid flooding due to heavy or excessive rainfall in a short period of time (generally less than 6 hours) is occurring or is imminent in the warning area.

Over the past 24 hours, three to four inches of rainfall was recorded across some sections of the island. This has resulted in some isolated flooding throughout the day. Due to the fact that soils are saturated, additional isolated downpours during the early part of tonight could result in further flooding.

Residents and visitors should note that the following impacts are imminent during this forecast period :

•Significant runoff from higher elevations

•Significant soil erosion is likely on exposed or scarred land surfaces. Large water settlements on roads and fields

•Significant adjustments to water levels of existing water bodies (ponds etc.)

•Significant delays on traffic routes with some roads possibly impassable

•Large objects or debris from higher elevations may also become embedded within fast-moving water flows

•Significant flooding at the foot of hillsides and coastal roads is possible.

This alert message is valid from 6 pm today and will be terminated at midnight or sooner if conditions warrant.

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