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Tributes flow on social media for radio personalities

November 9, 2021

The impact media personalities have on the lives of those who make up their audience can sometimes go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, their influence becomes undoubtedly evident when they have passed. A situation seen with the recent deaths of Popular DJ with HOTT 95.3 Warren ‘Jon Doe’ Forte and veteran broadcaster and moderator of VOB’s Down to Brasstacks radio programme Dennis Johnson.

The two beloved radio personalities with the Starcom Network passed away within days of each other, leaving their families, friends,  colleagues and thousands of fans to mourn.

Many of those fans found solace on our social media pages, as they shared memories of how the media workers touched their lives deeply, most without ever meeting them. Many people opening shared their sadness and disbelief about the deaths, while speaking about how their presence on-air touched their lives.

Below are collections of those tributes shared for Dennis Johnson and Jon Doe.

Warren ‘Jon Doe’ Forte

Tributes for Warren ‘Jon Doe’ Forte

Dennis Johnson

Tributes for Dennis Johnson

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