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5 Boxing Day traditions Bajans look forward to

December 26, 2021

It’s Boxing Day!

This holiday definitely looks different to what it would have originally in Barbados. It is believed to have started as a time for wealthy people to package or “box” items to give to others.

Many Barbadians will be taking it easy, as COVID-19 has greatly restricted how we interact. That doesn’t stop us from looking forward to getting back to these beloved traditions however, anticipating the day we can freely do them once more!

Eat Watch Sleep Repeat

Let’s be honest… nuff Bajans hardly do a thing on Boxing Day!

With so much work going into preparing for Christmas, some people barely have the energy to eat, watch a movie or series, before dozing off (sometimes before the film is finished).

So while Boxing Day is all action for others, these folks get an extra dose of beauty sleep.

Time To Lime

Speaking of action, this is the day many Bajans turn up at your house acting like they didn’t leave food on the plate last night and that food wasn’t kept out of the fridge because it simply could not hold. But of course, you’re already prepared and happy to entertain your “not lickrish but outgoing” family and friends, who you couldn’t spend Christmas day with.

Then there are those who just want to release the stress of the past few weeks by heading to cooler parties and fetes as a warm up to Old Year’s Night activities.

Horse Racing

It’s a family affair at the Garrison Savannah!

Those who take their racing seriously can make their wagers, others enjoy horse rides without the competitive spirit, while everyone can cheer their favourites on.

Horse racing may be one of the more popular sporting events on this day, but it is not the only one people enjoy. You can find Barbadians gathered for various athletic activities all cross the island.

Beach Day/Picnics

For those who want to relax away from home, beaches and parks are the places to be!

Whether it is just lying down on a blanket, taking a dip in the sea or playing games at the park, it’s a great way to enjoy leftovers while having family fun.

Community Spirit

While some people are out sampling food across Barbados, others like to stay close to home.

Many communities become the scene of unplanned sporting competitions and limes, as spirited conversations may accompany a game of dominoes, while road tennis, cricket and football can also provide lively neighbourhood entertainment.

What are your favourite Boxing Day traditions?

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