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Haiti sees increase in counterfeit drugs

April 7, 2024

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, CMC – The President of the Association of Haitian Pharmacists, Pierre Hugues, has warned the population against the increase in the number of counterfeit drugs on the market, due to the shortage in pharmacies and the health system.

According to Hugues, the risk of counterfeiting increases because “demand is high” and the absence of border controls and impunity encourage an increase in the smuggling of counterfeit medicines.

Hugues recalled that Haiti depended on imported medicines for nearly 70% of its needs.

 “Today, ports and airports are closed or dysfunctional, which affects the entire health sector which lacks supplies and medicines and prevents thousands of patients from continuing their treatment.”

Of the 216 laboratories which officially supply pharmacies in Haiti, only three are located on the national territory and normally cover between 25 and 30% of national needs. 

He pointed out that  one of them is inactive due to insecurity, and the other two are operating below their maximum capacity.

Hugues also deplored the destruction of over 10 pharmacies by gangs that looted and burned them in recent days.

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