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Chairman and Vice President of the Algemene Bevrijdings-en Ontwikkelingspartij (ABOP/PL) in Suriname, Ronnie Brunswijk. (CMC image)

Surinamese police on high alert

March 6, 2023

CMC – Acting Chief of Police in Suriname, Ruben Kensen, says law enforcement officers will be on high alert on Tuesday when the Algemene Bevrijdings-en Ontwikkelingspartij (ABOP/PL) stages a mass meeting in the capital.

“We will not be surprised and have taken all precautions,” Kensen said in reference to the February 17 storming of the National Parliament by persons protesting the socio-economic policies of the Chandrikapersad Santokhi administration.

The protest resulted in looting and the arrest of several persons.

The ABOP/PL meeting at the André Kamperveen stadium also coincides with the birthday of ABOP chairman and Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk and entrepreneurs in the city are expressing concern amid media reports indicating that “hundreds of buses with people from all parts of the country are expected at the mass meeting”.

In addition to the mass meeting, Suriname is celebrating phagwa, a Hindu festival celebrating the first day of spring with songs, music and dance.

Kensen said that all units will be on alert and that law enforcement authorities have been monitoring social media to be able to respond immediately to any situation.

He said that the country needs not worry and that various strategies have been developed.

He reiterated that the excesses of February 17 will not be repeated.

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