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President of Guyana Irfaan Ali. (CMC)

UAE to open embassy in Guyana

November 26, 2023

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, CMC – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has confirmed that it will establish an embassy in Guyana.

The announcement was made late Friday by President Irfaan Ali as he spoke at the Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber annual awards ceremony.

He noted that this will further improve Guyana’s growing economy.

“We have expanded our diplomatic reach to the extent that the UAE has confirmed that they are going to build their embassy here in Guyana, Qatar has confirmed that they will build their embassy here in Guyana and then we are working with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so they too will build and bring their embassy here.

“It is not just a building of the embassy and having a diplomatic presence, it is what these countries bring with them, the type of development funds that they bring with them.”

He noted that the construction of several hotels here means that people need to utilise these services and this is where the bilateral relations come into play – as more embassies are built, the relationships are deepened and investments are made.

“By 2030, we may not have three million people living here but by 2030, we have to put the mechanisms in place and invest in the type of economy that will bring three million people to pass through our economy and utilise the services here,”  Ali said.

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