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Australia Expands Lockdown

The number of cases of Covid-19 in Australia continues to rise after an outbreak started in greater Sydney’s iconic Bondi neighborhood.

Several regions have imposed strict lockdowns to contain the clusters, as the country struggles with a slow vaccination rate.

“Over 10 million Australians are now under restrictions to try to stop the spread of the delta variant as it moves through communities in capital cities across the country”.

“The latest city to go under lockdown is Alice Springs in central Australia, adjacent to a mine where there’s been community transmission between people flying in and out to work there from other capitals.

“That’s just one hotspot where the Delta variant is spreading — That variant of concern that authorities here are warning is spreading quickly between people in households once any one person has come down with it,” he added.

Watson added that, “the backdrop to that is Australia’s low vaccination rate. Just over seven percent of the population has had two shots and is fully vaccinated against the vaccine.

“Efforts are ramping up as people become due for their second shots, but not enough people vaccinated yet in Australia”.

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